About me

I cannot remember a time without animals. Throughout my life they have brought me happiness and helped throughout my darkest days, so when my husband was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis aged forty three and six months later I suffered a brain hemorrhage, it was Ben, my first German Shepherd Dog, who helped my recovery and pushed me towards following my dream of working with animals.

In 1998, following my recovery, I decided to leave my position as a secretary receptionist with a well known building company and set up what I believe, was one of the U.K’s first professional pet sitting companies.

Professional life

Leaving the security of a nine to five job, was a little scary, but the local press covered our launch and within weeks, we were the ‘go to’ place for pet care. Within six months I could no longer cope with the work load, forcing my husband (who was studying at Hertfordshire University), to leave his studies and join me full time.

The following years saw us both working 365 days a year, but given our health issues, it was an unsustainable schedule. By 2016, we were able to cover the south of the U.K offering our live-in service, so we decided to give up pet visiting and dog walking, to relocate to beautiful Dorset and now enjoy coastal living .

Media and animal welfare

I am still continuing with media work and my passion for highlighting animal welfare issues will never wain. Nina’s Nannies for Pets continues to flourish, but I really enjoy social media and I am flying the flag for senior ladies.

Who am I?

Well, I am a lot of things – a business owner, crazy pet lady, but above all, I have a reputation for speaking the truth and reviewing services and products that drive both companies and customers to action.

I feel that it is about time that women over 60, can influence and inspire others and I like to think that I have the determination and talent to help others to see that age is timeless.

I was a teenager in the 70s and my personal look and taste, has changed little since my youth. I still follow the trends, albeit tempered, but my style reflects my inner self.