Instagram and social media, are largely dominated by younger women, which is why I hope to assert a presence on social media, to show that you do not need to be pencil thin and line-free, to be on-trend, both in fashion and lifestyle.

I was largely a jeans and sweatshirt type of gal, but since joining Instagram, I have discovered my feminine side and now boast quite a few dresses, that I have found in various sales.

I am a passionate and proud animal welfarist, which will inevitably be covered in my blog posts, as will reviews of products and services.

In my business life, I regularly test pet products for both large corporate and small independent companies and have regularly appeared in the media discussing animal welfare issues.

As a brain hemorrhage survivor, I have learned to take life by the throat and squeeze out every drop. Each day is a bonus, which is why I upped sticks from Bedfordshire and I am now living the coastal dream in beautiful Dorset.